There are a lot of interesting little things in Mexico that are different from what I've experienced in the US and Canada. I thought I would take you through some of them in bits at a time. I hope you find them amusing and fascinating like I do.

Wall advertising in Mexico. There's really no comparison in the US. I have to hand it to Mexicans for finding ways of getting out a message besides billboards, commercials, or Facebook ads. It's actually kind of ingenious and at times, artful. Here's how it works.

Pretty much any wall that's not specifically residential or affiliated with a business is fair game for painted advertisements like these. What's interesting to me is that they fall into one of two categories: concerts* or politics.

The vivid colors and stylized lettering in this photo are representative of most concert announcements I've seen.

Here's an example of the political advertising that is also very common.

And then there's the occasional vacant wall that says, “No advertising.” Although Mexico's painted walls can get a little obnoxious and overstimulating, at least they don't look as desolate and abandoned as the ones that have “no announcement.”

*Here's a short read with more photos and an intersting take on the cultural anthropology of Mexcan painted walls. (I recommend starting on page 4 of the pdf.)

Below is another common form of advertising in Mexico, and a hint about my next ¡guau! post.