I've never been one of the “cool” kids. You know, the ones who are beautiful, popular, confident, in-the-know. Maybe you've never been one of them either. Now that I'm an adult, of course it doesn't really matter all that much in the large scheme of things, but I still notice it. I'm still not cool.

My “cool” friends are the ones who have successful careers. They're the ones who look beautiful even before they brush their hair and put on makeup. They have clean houses, organized closets, and they put on beautiful birthday parties for their kids. My cool friends listen to indie music and watch indie films. They have the kind of charisma that can put life into a party, even without alcohol. They can make conversation at the drop of a hat. My cool friends travel the world, take amazing pictures, and make beautiful food. They read poetry, write poetry, and understand poetry. My cool friends are cool even when they're not cool. Do you hear me?

Well, I am none of those things. I am most definitely not successful careerwise. I used to be cute but I'm looking a little dowdy these days. (There's a great word for this in Spanish: fodongo. In my case, fodonga. There's a reason why I haven't changed my Facebook profile picture.) For the life of me I can't seem to keep the place where I live in order. Shoot, I can't even visualize my place looking in order. I'm a shameless connoisseur of pop music and sappy movies. If it were up to me to put life into a party, people would be stifling yawns all night. I've already catalogued some of my social awkwardness. Poetry has always befuddled me unless a professor drags me to a reasonable conclusion. (I actually suspect that people who write poetry are from another planet. No offense to my poetry-writing friends. You're still cool aliens.) I laugh too loud, make wierd jokes, refuse to dye my hair, and take life too seriously. In short, I'm anything but cool.

But here's the thing. Maybe uncool is okay. After all, Kid President says that Robert Frost isn't cool either and I kinda like Kid President (and what I'm able to understand of Mr. Frost).